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14 - The Islamic Angel Gabriel

14 - The Islamic Angel Gabriel En090014

Al Fadi - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma

(A Critical & Comparative Analysis) Did Muhammad know the identity of the angel Gabriel from the beginning of his calling? A comparative analysis concerning the typical calling formula to prophethood according to the Biblical accounts vs. the calling of Muhammad in the Quran. Who was Gabriel in the Quran? Was he an angel? Was he a deity?

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13 - The Dilemma of Muhammad & Gabriel

13 - The Dilemma of Muhammad & Gabriel En090013

Al Fadi - Daniel Shayeste - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma

(Comparative Analysis) An analysis of the revelation of the Quran based on the Islamic understanding of the process by which the Quran was revealed to the prophet of Islam, and an analysis of the identity of the Angel who revealed it to Muhammad, who was later identified as Gabriel. Does the process of revelation in Islam agree with the Biblical accounts of other prophets, since Muhammad claimed to be in line with their mission and attesting to the truth which was revealed to them. Is Muhammad's Gabriel the biblical Gabriel?

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03 - Backgrounds of the Quran - Ep2

03 - Backgrounds of the Quran - Ep2 En090003

Al Fadi - Bill Warner - Al Hayat Channel -

The Islamic Dilemma

(The Dilemma of the Muslims Holy Book) General discussion on the nature of the Quran & its revelation as a book which claims to be divinely inspired, with a focus on Jihad and other major topical themes. Was the Quran an eternal book? Is it separate from Allah or is it part of Allah? Was it a miracle? Can you understand and trace back the life of the prophet of Islam from the Quran?

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15 - Prophet Muhammad

15 - Prophet Muhammad En070015

Romel Ghossain - Jay Smith - Alhaya Channel - Australia -

Worlds Apart

Worlds Apart is a unique television program that was established to evangelise to the global Muslim community. It seeks to educate truth to Muslims about Christianity to encourage Christian to engage with their Muslim neighbours. Rather than showing the similarities between Christianity and Islam, the program demonstrates the apparent ideologies that are Worlds Apart.

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Jesus or Muhamed En010013 -


Jesus or Muhamed ?! . A questions is being asked for years ! Christians do believe that Jesus is God , Muslims consider Jesus is a prophet of God and believe that Muhamed is the last God`s prophets . What does Make Jesus a God ?!! Is Muhamed a real prophet of God? Common questions are being asked . One of them is the absolute truth and the other covers all criteria for being false prophet. And getting the best answer is by magnifying the lives of those 2 different characters ,then realizing that extreme difference between them. This book is directed to everyone honestly searches for the truth ,the book simply records the details of Jesus and Muhamed`s lives and their different teachings for humanity . All data included in this book are totally documented in the holy Bible ,holy Quran and in Islamic books, According to these data , Jesus and Muahamed manifest very different ways of life behavior and teachings therefor they can Never be of the same source .!!

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Geert Wilders warning to America

Geert Wilders warning to America En020014

Geert Wilders -

The True Face of Islam

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Bilal Skaf,  the teenager who led a gang of savage rapists on a rampage that shocked Australia.

Bilal Skaf, the teenager who led a gang of savage rapists on a rampage that shocked Australia. En020008

Beyond Darklands - Channel 7 - Australia -

The True Face of Islam

Who is the real motivating behind Bilal Skaf who orchestrated attacks that would shake public confidence in the justice system, ignite racial tension and leave behind scores of women whose lives are damaged forever? Could be his family or Sheikh Taj el-din Al Hilaly or the quran and hadith? Sheikh Taj el-din Al Hilaly, a senior Muslim cleric has drawn criticism for reportedly preaching that some women are attracting sexual assault by the way they dress and their actions. Sheikh Taj el-din Al Hilaly is reported as saying that women who do not wear the hijab, or headdress, are like uncovered meat. In 2000, a series of brutal gang rapes took place in Sydney. The gang leader was 18-year-old Bilal Skaf, who with his brother Mohamed, organized the abduction and rape of four girls in three separate attacks, one of them lasting more than six hours. Up to 14 men were involved, with the youngest just 13. Even after they were caught, the rapists continued to harass the victims, knowing that without key testimony from a victim, police wouldn't have a case.

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The Green Horse Of Islam - Revelation

The Green Horse Of Islam - Revelation En020005

Dick Carmack -

The True Face of Islam

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